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Since its establishment over three decades ago, the HCC Foundation has worked in partnership with the College to provide scholarships and financial assistance to individuals from the Greater Bridgeport area who have the desire to learn and the determination to build a better life.

Scholarships are vital for many low-income students and often represent their only entry point into higher education. HCC Foundation scholarships continue to make a positive impact on students and the community by

  1. providing access to a good quality education for students who do not have the financial resources to pay for that education
  2. sustaining a diverse population of student enrollment, and
  3. developing a better-trained workforce that contributes to the region’s economy.

The Scholarship Program prioritizes its support for students who have demonstrated a need for financial assistance. Other considerations include academic achievement, and school and community involvement. Tuition, fees, and textbooks are the eligible expenses covered by scholarships which are awarded through a competitive application and review process throughout the academic year, including the fall, winter, spring, and summer semesters. HCC scholarships are “last dollar”, and all federal Pell Grants or college aid is applied before HCC Foundation scholarships.

Scholarships benefitted over 400 students over the past three years with $400,000+ in awards.

  • Average age - 29

  • Average GPA – 3.33

  • Average earned credits - 41

Student scholarships are made possible with support from the following funds.

The Bryant Family Scholarship
Carstensen Memorial Foundation
The Delaney Memorial Foundation
Frederick A. DeLuca Vocational Scholarships
Gene Haas Scholarship
Dr. Janis M. Hadley Scholarship
Klein College Connections Pathway Scholarships
Klein Family Foundation Fund
Adam J. Lewis Academy Scholarship
The Mellen Foundation
Mercy Learning Center “Mothers Advantage”
Near and Far Aid Scholarships
Patriot Bank Scholarships
Elizabeth M. Pfriem Fund
Reynolds + Rowella Scholarships
Marguerite Sullivan Dunigan Scholarship
Karen D. Torres Memorial Scholarship
Werth Fund for the Housatonic Museum of Art

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