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Student Resources

Food Pantry

In response to the increased food insecurity experienced by students as a result of the pandemic, the College’s first on-campus Food Pantry was established in 2021, thanks to Stop & Shop. Hundreds of students received pre-packaged bags of food while the campus was closed due to Covid safety concerns. Beginning in the summer 2021, students can now walk into the Pantry five days/week to “shop” for food. A mobile food truck provides fresh fruit and vegetables twice/month thanks to Fairfield County’s Community Foundation and most recently, funding from the American Rescue Plan.

Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund was created to give one-time grants to students for sudden, urgent, unforeseen financial hardships that require immediate attention to keep a student in college and to ensure their financial health.

Many students are one small crisis away from dropping out of school. In fact, faculty and staff at HCC continue to report that a primary reason for a student dropping out is because of an unexpected financial hardship. Most times, these sudden crisis moments can be solved with emergency funding of under $500.

Emergency Funds prevent students from missing class and worse, dropping out entirely. By avoiding a small crisis that can cause an avalanche of more serious and expensive problems, Emergency Funds also help students increase their chances of financial health and sustainability. Funds help cover expenses such as increased rent, unexpected health care bills, groceries, technology related to schoolwork, and more.

Student, please click here to apply for funds.

Textbook Lending Library and Book Assistance

Students should never have to choose between buying textbooks and basic necessities such as food or rent. Many HCC students find themselves in this position. The Textbook Lending Library and Vocational Book Fund help students save money on course materials so they can attend class prepared to succeed and worry less about meeting their other critical needs.

The TextBook Lending Library and Vocational Book Funds are exclusively for students with high, unmet financial need, who are not receiving aid for books, and who struggle to pay for books out-of-pocket. Since enrollment in non-credit certificate programs is ineligible for federal financial aid grants, private pay students have no assistance that can offset costs associated with tuition and books.

Textbook costs range from $45 to over $500, and combined with fees, tuition and other vital personal expenses, can make the pursuit of college programs prohibitive for HCC students. The Textbook Lending Library and Vocational Book Funds offer hope and help to deserving, struggling students striving to obtain education and workforce training that leads to a career path.